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 Selena Gomez
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Selena Gomez An eighteen-year old Disney-made star that has a sweet and cute face is not only a television actress but also a singer, musician, and a fashion designer. She can play the drums, piano, and the guitar like it was next to her squeaky clean looks. This multi-talented teen celebrity started acting at the age of 7 but became a young icon only after she landed roles in Disney Channel. She is Alex Russo, one of the lead roles of the series “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie Texas, USA. She is ruled by the Moon under the Cancer symbol. She became the envy of young audiences not only of her achievements but also of her relationships with two teenage popular dudes.

She first dated the Jonas Brothers hunk, Nick Jonas. They first labeled their closeness as “just friends” but everyone had a hard time believing this after several photographs of them being cozy with each other came out from different websites and magazines. But this apparent boyfriend-girlfriend status may have been just a temporary spur of the moment romance. Just before 2009 Valentine’s Day was celebrated parting ways was an inevitable circumstance for the young couple.

For a time, Selena kept herself busy with her blossoming career. Yet, in the last quarter of 2010, she was caught by the “Bieber Fever”. She was rumored to be dating the Canadian pop and R&B singer, Justin Bieber. Not everybody was ecstatic about this pair up because she was 2 years senior of Bieber. Fans had a hard time accepting them as a couple because they thought she was too old for him. Selena was a constant object of hate of Bieber’s fans. Despite being in this difficult circumstance, Selena remained by Bieber’s side. Many believed that they are a cute happy couple even though they have an age difference.

Cancerians have very beguiling characters. This is the sign that believes the most in love and romance. This may be the effect of their ruling planet which is the most romanticized galactic object. But Selena has to watch out! Cancerians are prone to marrying at a very young age. Her experience in romantic partnerships at a very young age could be a premonition.


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