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 Sophia Loren
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Sophia Villani Scicolone under the screen name Sophia Loren was born on September 20, 1934 and is a certified Virgo. Loren was born to both Italian parents where she grew up in the city of Naples. She has 3 other siblings. Loren was able to survive the destructive World War II. At 14, she joined a beauty contest. She did not win but was one of the finalists. Her showbiz career started when she enrolled in an acting class and later on was selected as an extra in a 1950s film. There she started to use her screen name “Sophia Loren”. Virgo is known for being practical, who will set feasible goals both for themselves and others working with them.

In 1962, she won as Best Actress for lead role in the movie Two Women in the Academy Awards. Loren won 50 several international awards which includes Golden Globe, Oscar, Grammy, Laurel, etc. The actress is considered as one of the top American female screen legends of all time. Underneath the quite aloof manner of the Virgo runs a dynamo operating at maximum speed. Guinness Book of World Records named her as the Most Awarded Italian Actress of all time.

At age 15, she met her future husband in the name of Carlo Ponti who was 37 at that time. 7 years later in 1957, they were married. In every sexual relationship, Virgos are exceptionally caring but to some extent controlling too, and have the power to make their lover feel he is the most wanted person on earth. In 1962, the couple annulled their marriage to prevent bigamy charges as Ponti was still officially married to his first wife. There was no divorce bill at that time under the Italian Constitution. In 1966, Loren and Ponti were legally married after he and first wife got divorced in France. Virgos love genuine and authentic romance, commendation, straightforward sex and a partner, who is reliable, steadfast and has intelligence and with attractive physical attributes.

Loren was left by his loving husband with two handsome children. In 2007, Ponti died due to pulmonary complications. She even vowed not to get married again saying that no one can replace her husband. Virgo mirrors a cool and soothing approach on the outside while inside she conceals a quiet intensity and unfathomable sensuality. Loren has 3 wonderful grandchildren to date.


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