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Zodiac Sign: Libra

Usher Meet another famed personality whose birth date is under the sign of Libra - R&B King, Usher or Usher Terrence Raymond IV, was born in October 14, 1978.

His humble roots can be traced from Dallas, Texas where he used to be part of a church choir and later on, a singing group. Since the 90s, after moving to Atlanta and a break given to him as a professional singer, he has been making waves in the international music scene. His albums have gained spots in the Billboard charts. He has also been involved in dancing and the acting arena.

Also tagged as one of the sexiest men alive, Usher has found time to reach out to others by putting up a non-profit organization which desires to help young people. And not just that, he signed up to be part of a basketball game that would benefit charities for children. Lastly, when a relief concert was organized for Hurricane Katrina victims, Usher was one of the first artists who graced the project.

Just like any other rich and famous men in the industry, Usher has his own share of relationships which started well but did not last for long. And in these relationships, he was able to showcase some Libra qualities.

His two-year relationship with TLC’s Rozonda “Chili” Thomas ended when the latter found out of his infidelity. When asked about the reason for their break-up, Usher responded that “It just didn’t work out…”. This reflects a Libra quality which at times, just loves the idea of being in love and not really has that true feeling for their partner. When harmony fades in their relationship, Libras are willing to call it quits. Right after, he dated supermodel Naomi Campbell for quite some time.

In 2007, Tameka Foster entered the picture. The two tied the knot that same year. Two sons were born and a happy marriage was thought to be present in the Raymond household. A few months after Tameka’s recovery from the medication that she had to go through, Usher filed for divorce and admitted that they had parted ways. This is a common story for the Libras who are known to be fickle and disillusioned. Libras tend to find completeness in their relationship, not knowing that this mindset will fail them in the end.


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