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 Will Smith
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Will Smith, is an American Actor, producer and rapper and a multi-Grammy Award winner. He was born on September 25, 1968 in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; he is born under the influence of Libra. Born to Willard and Caroline Smith, Will is famous for his roles in Bad Boys 1 and 2, Independence day, Men in Black, Men in Black 2 and the pursuit of Happyness to name a few. Because of his performance he was nominated for two Academy and four Golden Globe Awards.

People born under Libra are persons who balance their life with others. Mostly they are inclined to be fair, hate injustice and despise cruelty to others. They are innately artistic and lovers of beauty. Forgiving for them is easy and they are strong relationship partners that have the potential to be the “right” person for everyone. Leaders that are influenced by Libra are generally “just” and “equitable” and are good models for society to follow.

Will’s love life started in 1992 when he married Sheree Zampino and they had a son Willard Smith. But after only 3 years the couple ended in divorce," I stood up in front of God, my family and friends and said 'Till death do us part'. And if you don't mean that, then don't say it," Will said, after the divorce, he goes on adding, “I had no business getting married. Neither one of us was ready. We hadn't experienced enough life yet to be together," We can feel Will’s deep disappointment in their failed marriage, and especially because it will be traumatic for their son. But though these kind of emotions tend to harden the hatred felt to one another, Will found the courage to make amends though not to reunite himself again with Sheree but to put the past away and help raise their child in a “normal family” environment. With the help of his current wife Jada Pinkett, they healed all the wounds that were made by the divorce, and became one happy and loving family. Libras can be deeply hurt by misdeeds but they are quick to forgive and easy to forget.


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