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 Willa Holland
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Willa Holland Pretty, young and talented, Willa Holland’s biggest claim to fame is playing Marissa Cooper’s younger sister Kaitlin in the hit TV series The OC. An actress and a fashion model, Willa is born on June 18 making her a Gemini. Geminis are born versatile and youthful. Willa is the typical Gemini in the sense that she is intelligent, eloquent and full of joie de vivre.

Born in Los Angeles, Willa is the daughter of a cinematographer and an actress. When she was young, she spent time in London particularly on the set of Mission Impossible, where she met her stepfather, famous director Brian De Palma. In 1999, while spending her summer in the Hamptons with her family, she met director Steven Spielberg, who told her mother that “You’ve got to put her in front of a camera”. At age seven, she got signed to the Ford Modelling Agency and started modeling from the likes of Burberry. Brian De Palma took her to a theatrical talent agency which led her to be cast in commercials.

The Gemini is symbolized by the twins, and like the twins, Geminis are known to have ort of a dual personality. They are complex people who are often seen as elusive and contradictory. They have so many interests but rarely focus on one for too long. To their friends and acquaintances, they are courteous, kind and affectionate. Of course, they also hide a wiliness all their own. Some see them as cunning and unscrupulous liars.

In their personal relationships, Geminis will always want to have the last word. They are willing to compromise but more often than not, due to their strong personality, they often get their way. Like children, they demand attention. They are observant of their surroundings and can become quite adaptable. They also have a keen, brilliant intelligence that serves their voracious hunger for knowledge.

During 2001, she worked alongside her father in the movie Ordinary Madness. Initially, she was set to appear as a recurring character in the third season of The OC but she was granted regular status upon season four. In December 2007, she was cast in the indie drama Garden Party where she received critical praise for her role as April, the young and troubled aspiring model.

She also appeared in the CW hit TV series Gossip Girl as the antagonist to the character Jenny Humphrey. In 2012 she will shoot her first CW pilot entitled Arrow, where she plays Thea Queen.


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