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 Willem Dafoe
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Willem Dafoe is an American stage, film and voice actor. He is known for his roles in a wide variety of film genres, and these films include Platoon, Affliction, Off Limits, Streets of Fire, To Live and Die in L.A., Born on the Fourth of July, The English Patient, The Last Temptation of Christ, Mississippi Burning, The Boondock Saints, Spider-Man, and The Aviator, and voice roles in Fantastic Mr. Fox and Finding Nemo. Aside from acting, he founded the experimental theater company The Wooster Group. He was twice nominated for an Academy Award- the first was for Platoon in 1986 and the second was for Shadow of the Vampire in 2000.

Born in Wisconsin on July 22, Willem is a true blue Cancer. Cancerians are generally known for their intuitive and enigmatic nature. They are sharp-witted and sensible. They are big fans of practicality, although they also have a big imagination. In relationships, they have the tendency to be clingy and overreacting. Outwardly, they appear as they are thick-skinned and anti-social but their inner circle knows better. With their close circle of friends they are enthusiastic and easy going. Appreciative of art and literature, they are best suited for jobs that exercise their creativity

Willem supposedly made his film debut in the movie Heavenís Gate in 1981, only to find that his scenes (where he played a cockfighter) ended on the cutting room floor. He was also cast in the movies To Live and Die in LA, Streets of Fire and The Loveless. He is often cast as unstable or villainous characters, such as in the movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Spiderman, where he played the Green Goblin. In 1990, he worked as a model for the fashion house Prada.

In their romantic entanglements, Cancerians are passionate yet not too emotional. They are often very down-to-earth and very sympathetic with their partners. One should always treat a Cancer kindly as they are quite sensitive to otherís sentiments. Willem met his wife Elizabeth LeCompte in the theater company The Performance Group and their relationship continued even after he established The Wooster Group. Their son Jack was born in 1982. In 2004, they split. Willem remarried Giada Collagrande, an Italian actress/director in 2005. The couple now resides in New York.


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